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About Us

David and Shaw Collections was founded in Sydney , Australia by two college friends who come from varying industry backgrounds, from Technology and Retail. Their entrepreneurial bend of mind wanted to find a niche space for them to operate. Both were keen on the retail front and have a zeal for premium leather products. The brand David & Shaw was born out of these factors and aims to bring together excellent design elements, craftsmanship and sustainable manufacturing methods. The brand aims to bring to market simple, elegant and durable leather products using best talents, raw materials and practices. The brand strives in ensuring environmental sustainability and ethical practices. David & Shaw envisages to be recognised as an Australian brand in premium leather products.

Our Values

Create unique designs and products which are simple, elegant and novel from the rest. Our product should have relevance to the customers and adhere to environmental sustainability and ethical manufacturing.​

Our Material

At David and Shaw, we carefully source our leather from Scandinavian countries where animals are raised in natural environment and are allowed to graze naturally, mostly consuming resources that does not have any artificial hormones. Our deep respect for the natural world is reflected in our commitment to environmentally-sound sustainable development of the product from start to finish. We ensure that our manufacturers create ethical products using economically sound processes, providing state-of-art working conditions to employees and minimizing the negative environmental impacts on society, while conserving energy and natural resources. Thus our products made out of selectively sourced leather is of high quality, durable and environmentally sustainable.​

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